Our Blog

We started this blog a little over a year ago to share our journey with infertility. After feeling frustrated and all alone, I wanted to open up about my thoughts and struggles. I was convinced that nobody could possibly relate to or understand the heartbreak we were feeling. However, once we felt the overwhelming love and support I quickly saw how wrong I was. Since then, we've learned how easy it is to relate with others regardless of their heartaches. We have been inspired by the journey, trials, and strength of so many out there.

It has become my personal mission to cultivate human connection and offer support to those who feel alone. I hope that sharing our journey inspires others to share theirs as well. I hope it encourages those who feel week and uplifts those who feel hopeless.  

Life is messy, crazy, and beautiful. We are constantly striving to move from good to better. That's why, We Call It A Journey.