The Journey Market Affiliate Program

Why become an Affiliate?

The Journey Market is inspired by products that connect, uplift, and encourage women who are discovering their own journey in life. 

Our particular journey has been one of infertility and adoption. We understand first hand the emotional, physical and financial toll these types of experiences can have on a family. 

Our affiliate program allows participants to make money by talking about our products geared towards women who need support.

How it works:

With our Affiliate program, you will be provided a unique discount code (10% off) to share with your followers. Affiliate earnings will be paid out based off the sales made using that code. The sales will launch after applications close and will continue for three weeks. Total earnings will be sent via Paypal 8-10 days after the sale has ended. 

The Journey Market offers a 30% discount on your first purchase and 25% commission of total sales at the end of the three week period. This allows a potential earning of  $3.30 - $4.73 per sale.

How to start:

STEP 1  Fill out Affiliate application below and wait for approval

STEP 2  Receive an email with your unique discount code

STEP 3  Share with your followers